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Incorporated on March 19, 2014, we provide services in real estate development, financing and property advisory, all geared toward meeting our clients’ aspirations for property ownership at reasonable prices.

We partner with corporations and individuals to develop top-notch properties for residential and commercial use. Our motivation is to optimize returns on all invested funds, by guaranteeing substantial value along the development chain, whether we are purchasing, offloading or holding investments.

As responsible real estate developers, we take the risks off our clients by conducting due diligence on all projects before we invite our clients to participate.

Dynasty’s combined professional experience spans over a decade in the real estate industry, and our unique understanding of this fast-paced market positions us to offer expert advice and services to individuals, corporate, commercial and institutional entities.



► Dynasty Real Estate was incorporated and started off in a virtual office in Abuja, investing about N15m in propriety trading in 1 unit of 4 beds townhouses within a 20-unit housing estate in Life Camp, Abuja and exited within 30 days.

► We simultaneously invested about N40m in propriety trading in 2 units of 4 bed townhouses within a 26-unit housing estate in Guzape District, Abuja and exited same year

► We commenced the development of DRE’s first solely owned 3 units of 4 bed terraced duplexes (DYNASTY RESIDENCE 1) on a land measuring 1800sqm in Kubwa area of Abuja, sold the entire project and exited same year


► We co-financed the construction of 114 units of mixed development in Mbora District, Karmo Area of Abuja with a direct investment of about N224m in 20 units of 3 bed apartments and exited within 10 months

► We constructed 6 units of 3 beds apartments (DYNASTY RESIDENCE 2) in Wuye district of Abuja on a land measuring 860sqm – sold entire units and exited same year


► We commenced the construction and development of 60 units of 4-bedroom terraced duplexes (DYNASTY RESIDENCE 4) on 2.16 hectares of land at Galadimawa District, Abuja with a construction and developmental cost of about N1.4bn

► We simultaneously commenced the construction of another set of 6 units of 3-bedroom apartments (DYNASTY RESIDENCE 3) in Wuse District of Abuja on a land measuring 860sqm – sold entire units  and exited same year

► With a Shareholders Fund of about N130million at start-off in 2014, we have embarked on the construction and development of housing projects in excess of N1.6bn as at December 31 st , 2016.

► At the dawn of 2016, we were awarded the ‘Global Most Trusted Quality Real Estate Investment and Company of The Year, 2016’


Martin Moore
Executive Director


Emily Austin
Marketing Director


Donna Reed
Customer Care


Russell Price
Creative Director